Thursday, November 11, 2010

A-Tisket, A-Tasket

Addy and Ree in a basket!

Since the girls are only taking 2 naps a day now, I was having a harder time prepping dinner with the girls awake. I tried making and eating dinner after the girls went to bed, but an 8:30ish dinner time is not ideal for us. So, James came up with a solution for the girls to be well-entertained in the kitchen while I cook... and they love it!

and so do I.

This idea all started with a box.... what was known at our house as "Ree in a box".

When Kristen was first learning to sit up, she was a bit wobbly and would fall over, bonk her head and start crying alligator tears. One night while James was working, Kristen was fussy from falling over a few times and I thought Kristen needs something to protect her on all sides. So I cleared out the toy box, put her in it with a few toys... and it was perfect!

But Adelyn decided she wanted to get in too. So I cleared out another box, put her in it with a few toys...

...and they love it!
Even now, almost a month after first putting Ree in a box, we will still put them in their box to play for fun. and in the evenings if they are fussy, it's amazing how they will stop as soon as we put them in the box. We even took the boxes and toys to our Lifegroup's potluck dinner recently at a friend's house so that they could play (sitting on the floor by us) and we could eat!

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